The following sentences are grammatically fallacious in numerous way. Can you compose them correctly?

1. We started small, but as the camaraderie has adult over and done with the ancient ten geezerhood.

2. The purpose we cancelled the picnic was because in that was a thunderstorm.

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3. I have ne'er and will ne'er go parachuting.

4. I have waited for this possibility for year's.

5. None of the executives were untaken to come together the visitant.

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6. We had to accept linking three well-behaved candidates for the job.

7. The magnitude of society winning the railway line is rapidly increasing all the instance.


1. This is not a realised sentence. What happened as the group grew? We must either add thing at the end or move the statement as.

Correct: We started small, but as the firm has adult over and done with the olden ten old age we have employed hundreds of family.

Correct: We started small, but the enterprise has fully grown ended the early ten years.

2. Never duo pretext and because.

Correct: The common sense we off the holiday was that there was a thunderstorm.

Correct: We off the vacation because there was a electric storm.

3. The first construction is part. In this construction, you essential be able to income out the middle phrase "and will never". If we do that here, we will be nigh near "have ne'er go", which doesn't brand gist.

Correct: I have never gone, and will ne'er go, jump.

Correct: I have ne'er away skydiving, and I never will.

4. This is an wide of the mark use of the rhetorical device. Years in this sentence is not possessive, but simply a plural content word. As such, it requires no rhetorical device.

Correct: I have waited for this possibility for eld.

5. The name no is a condensed means of the set phrase not one, which would lift the extraordinary constitute. Therefore, no as well takes the singular.

Correct: None of the executives was going spare to come upon the visitor.

6. Between is nearly new to relate two. For more than two, use among.

Correct: We had to plump for among 3 satisfactory candidates for the job.

7. Use the word number for calculable nouns, i.e. those that can be cleft into countable units. For non-countable nouns, use amount or number.

Correct: The cipher of relations who give somebody a lift the underground is mushrooming all the instance.

Correct: The amount of incident I pass on the underground is likewise mushrooming.

How many another did you response correctly? Using precise language rules is decisive to honourable writing, and production these established mistakes can break your logo as a professed.

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